Energy Bot
Energy Bot
Episode: End Game
Season: R.P.M.

This Energy Bot was created with the power to dwarf and manipulate the Rangers Bio Field Energies. It went with Venjix, Tenaya 15 and the Grinders to attack the city. The Rangers quickly showed up and the battle began.

The Black and Green Rangers were ready to fight the bot, but it used it's powers to force the Rangers to blast him. He then took that energy, changed it and blasted back at Green & Black. The Energy Bot then fought the Red, Yellow & Blue Rangers.

When the team regrouped and fired everything they had at Venjix, the Energy Bot jumped in, took the blasts, changed them and fired them back at the Rangers, forcing them to de-morph and retreat.

It later attacked Dillon & Ziggy as they were making their way back to the base. They morphed and tried to fight off the bot. When they fired their Turbo Plasma Launcher at him, the same result as before occurred. However, the other Rangers showed up while the bot was firing, and they then blasted the Energy Bot with their blasters. Since the bot was distracted with Green & Black, the other blasts managed to hit and take him down.

He was brought back giant size and the High Octane & Mach Megazords tried to fight him. The Attack Bot used his special powers to blast the Megazords away. Green & Black fought with the ValveMax Megazord and thanks to Dr. K reconfiguring the Megazord's weapons array, they were successful in destroying the Energy Bot.

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